Forwardlean Sports Photography & Videography

Forwardlean is an action sports photography/videography agency based in and around Europe.
We have a vast experience in snowsport action photography and videography.


We know where to be and when to be there to get the most incendiary sports shots. We are the type of action photographers that actively participate regularly in the sport we are shooting. It’s for that reason we know what looks good in a shot, and more importantly, why it looks good. It’s a very fine distinction but one that makes all the difference.


We know how to capture fast paced action footage and really engage the viewer. By being truly involved in our sports and working closely with athletes, we know what to expect and how to capture it in the most explosive means possible.

Drone Aerial Filming & Photography

We fly drones to obtain aerial footage of athletes. Our drones are capable of filming in 4K ultra high definition video to obtain crisp and detailed footage. Our aerial shots are rock steady and incredibly smooth due to high precision camera stablising gimbals.

Video Editing and Production

As well as shooting the footage, Forwardlean offer a full film making service to produce a polished professional film utilising all elements of editing and post production. We will work with you to plan, shoot and edit your film.


Latest Shoots

Check our Facebook page for our latest shoots or our Vimeo page for video edits.


If you're looking to hire a photographer/videographer to make your event or athlete pop then just give us a shout, we'll be only too happy to discuss your requirements.

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